Rundle Heights Park Redevelopment

September 2022 Update

Who’s ready to play at the new park? 

It’s exciting to see the new park going in, a lot of progress has been made putting in the new expansion and the equipment. 

Update from the construction crew: Another week of play equipment work, setting it all up.  It’s a big park with lots of pieces!  Then the groundwork begins to get it ready for surfacing, some poured in place rubber and the rest wood chips.  Just before it can open, the landscaping will come in to make sure it’s already for play, estimated to be ready early October.  

Thank you to everyone who was involved on the committee, joined a few meetings, filled out surveys and helped donate to the park. Our first meeting was May 2018! It truly takes a community effort to get something like this from an idea to reality.   Stay tuned for opening dates and a celebration.  

Donate your bottles! Drop your empty containers off atthe Beverly Bottle Depot and ask to donate the funds to the Rundle Heights Park Project. Every little bit adds up to meet our goals! 

Facebook page:  Rundle Heights Park Redevelopment



We’re still fundraising to meet our goal of adding in some additional features.


  1. DONATE and receive a tax receipt (no name on a plaque with this option) OR
  2. SPONSOR and get your name or business name on a plaque at the park (no tax receipt with this option)

Click HERE to download the NEW donation/sponsorship form.

Sponsorships are a great gift idea! Give and include your kids or grandkids names, which will be added to a plaque when the park is built. Leave a real family legacy for year to come. Or make a donation of $20+ to the park and receive a tax receipt, maximize your tax/gift benefits for the year. E-Transfers can be accepted.

April 2022 Update

Exciting news! Take a sneak peek at the playground design and winning bid from Park n’ Play. The surfacing and construction is out to tender right now, so we are on track to build this summer. A few of our items were moved to an “add/delete” list as we wait for funding and grants that are slow to come in. So as a compromise, we moved a few items so we can move ahead with the build this year. Ie. The shelter, a few park benches, reduced the amount of poured in place rubber etc. We continue to fundraise for things like park benches and poured in place rubber, moving them back from the “add/delete” lists and to ensure we have a little bit of a contingency fund in place for construction.

Overview of the park. In the middle and on the right is the original park footprint. On the left is the new addition.
School age play area. On the poured in place rubber, a larger school age play structure with slides and climbing structures as well as new swings
A fun continuation of the larger structure is a circuit including a Zipline, balancing and hanging equipment. A couple more swings and spinning elements. On wood chip surfacing.
New toddler section. Wood chip surfacing (poured in place in this section was added to the “add/delete list until we can secure the grants and funding). In the back is the potential sand box (on the add/delete list)

Concept and Budget Update September 2021

At our Sep 1st committee meeting the City of Edmonton presented an official Concept drawing, with measurements and official details.   With the updated Concept plan, can a clearer picture of the budget (previously the estimate was +/- 50%).    The new budget is $804,016.67 (+/- 30%).   We’re still working through the final concept steps and approvals, as we were waiting for that final drawing form the City before we could move forward. Our target is to get all the funds in place by Dec 2021 and build in Spring/Summer of 2022

The results from three surveys have been compiled:

2019 Community Survey and 2019 St Jerome student survey: 

2020 Community survey results:

Interested in further information? Please read our strategy document here.

Donations with tax receipts

Looking for a way to support the park redevelopment but want a tax receipt? We can now accept donations of over $20 and get the City of Edmonton to provide the tax receipts. If you are interested in donating please contact the committee at [email protected] or find the donation information on our:

Facebook page: 

Rundle Heights Park Redevelopment

Donate your bottles!

We will continue hosting a fundraiser, in collaboration with the Beverly Bottle Depot. Simply bring your bottles to the Beverly Bottle Depot and ask to donate to the Rundle Heights Park Redevelopment.

Rundle Heights Park Redevelopment poster

A committee including members from the Beverly Heights Community League along with the parent teacher councils for both St. Jerome and Ivor Dent schools have begun the process of redeveloping the Rundle Heights Playground (Park) at 10805-34 Street.

The playground was built in 1989 and is maintained by the City of Edmonton. However, the playground equipment was reported in poor condition in the 2018 Playground Condition Assessment, which indicates that less than 60% of the equipment is in good condition and greater than 40% of the equipment is in poor condition and will be removed as it becomes beyond repair or unsafe.

The project scope will be to redevelop the existing playground infrastructure within the City of Edmonton parcel (zoned AP) to meet the needs of the community for the next 10-15 years. The project will be in compliance with all City of Edmonton project management requirements, including public engagement, equipment safety standards, and construction practices.

Interested in learning more or volunteering your time? Please let us know through our online form.