Beverly Heights has a variety of active groups and committees. Please see the information below - you might be interested to join!


B.A.S.S. - Beverly Active Seniors Society

The Beverly Active Seniors Society (B.A.S.S.) will be celebrating 30 years of programming in June 2019. Are you over 55 and enjoy the company of great people? Then B.A.S.S. is for you!  Drop in Monday for Bingo at 1:00pm, or Thursday for Whist & Crib at 1:00 pm (Alternate weeks). Every 4th Thursday of the month is our Birthday Social.

New members are needed to keep the group active. Annual Membership to B.A.S.S. is $5.00, admission to regular programs is $2.00, or $5.00 for the Birthday Social. To purchase a membership simply attend one of our events!


Mavens of Beverly (M.O.B.)

Mavens of Beverly is a group of amazing women from Beverly. We plan to socialize with a purpose; fostering positive, inspiring relationships, learning, and having fun on a regular basis. Women from Beverly and any neighbouring community are welcome!

M.O.B. meets at the Beverly Heights Community League on the first Tuesday of the month and plan outings on the third Thursday of the month.

Members must have a community league membership (from any community) and can choose either the $5 drop in fee or the $30 annual fee to go towards presenters and refreshments.

Contact Crystal Boyde at for more information.


Men's Shed at Beacon Heights Community League

Beacon Heights Community League is proud to host Edmonton’s first Men’s Shed; an international initiative with the goal of making male-focused activities available in communities.

Wednesday evenings between 7 and 9 pm men of all ages are encouraged to drop by the Beacon Heights/Jubilee Park rink building, located at 12037 43rd St.

Men are encouraged to drop in and participate in a variety of activities; woodworking, small engine repair, gardening, cooking, card games, or simply having a cup of coffee and sharing stories.

Activities and goals of the Shed may change over time, depending on the interests of the group. It is important to remember that each man is a teacher and a learner; many different levels of skills and knowledge are shared collectively.


Rundle Heights Park Redevelopment Committee


Abundant Community

Do you want to know the people who live on your block better? Are you interested in learning more and helping to make our community more “neighbourly”? Abundant Community Edmonton is an initiative to give you tools on how to reach out to your block and get people together. You can increase safety and decrease social isolation just by connecting with your neighbours.

It can start small - knock on doors, drop off flyers and have lemonade for an hour on your front lawn, or a pot luck    appetizer, or meal, or dessert get together to celebrate any occasion or non-occasion! It doesn't have to be formal, it can be in a neutral space (back alley, front yard, park) and it doesn't have to be all "you” but consider taking the first step in inviting the people on your block for a visit.

A few Block Connectors have signed up and will be working to connect with neighbors and recruit more Block Connectors! We would love to see this program grow in the Beverly Heights area. If you are interested, please email Jesse at More information and resources are available at the Abundant Community Edmonton website.


Neighbourhood Watch

It’s great to see so many neighbors watching out for each other by posting “heads up” notices on the Beverly Heights Community League Facebook Public Group. By working together we can keep Beverly Heights safe!

  • Many concerns can be reported to the City of Edmonton by dialing 311 or on the “Edmonton 311” app.
  • The non-emergency police line is 780-423-4567 for reporting suspicious activity.
  • Call 911 for crimes in progress or other emergency situations.
  • Visit the Edmonton Neighborhood Watch website and the Edmonton Police Service website for crime prevention news and information.

Another way to keep our community safe is to check that your street sidewalk does not have trees and shrubs that might be in the way of walkers, block vehicle views or street signs. If you have to duck or weave around branches they need a trim! For city trees, call 311.