Enjoying spring and looking towards summer…

Pop-Up Community Garden: After the snow we are thrilled to see the sunshine! Are you excited to grow some fresh vegetables this summer? The Beverly/Rundle area was granted a Pop-Up Community Garden from the City of Edmonton with 15 garden plots. Learn more about the garden and how to apply by clicking here.

Even if you do not need garden space, if you have seeds, plants or gardening knowledge to share please reach out! Another option is https://www.yardshareyeg.com - if you have yard space to share or would like to see if someone in the area has space check it out! I've seen several lovely front-yard gardens that look very successful - and what a rewarding feeling to grow your own food.

Green Shacks are back! From July 5 to August 27 kids aged 6-12 (or any age accompanied by an adult) are welcome to join the FREE fun at the City of Edmonton Green Shacks. At Rundle Heights Playground programming is offered M-F from 10:30-5:30, and at Floden Park programming is M-F 10:30-1:30.  The posters are here if you'd like more information.

BHCL AGM: Our AGM was held on April 13, and at our May 11 board meeting we appointed volunteers into the last two board positions.  Click here to see who is on our current Beverly Heights Community League board. We are excited to get to work, start planning activities, events, sports and skating this year - things are looking up to the re-opening of our province over the next few months. We've missed hanging out with the community members 🙂

Monthly eNewsletters: Be sure to visit the Newsletter page to keep up on what's going on in our community each month. If you would like to be on the mailing list to get the link sent to you each month, please email volunteer.bhcl@gmail.com or add your email address when you buy your community league membership in September.