Beverly Heights Variety Show!

Since 1971, community volunteers have been working together to bring the annual Variety Show to life! The process starts months ahead with the planning committee, recruiting writers/directors, then recruiting volunteers for the cast, backstage and support crew, sound and lights, bartenders, serving staff, token booth, 50/50, Nevada, admission, clean up and set up and MORE! But do you know what makes it all worthwhile? It is seeing you – the patrons – finally able to come to a show and laugh all night. It is so amazing to see all the support – if you have joined us at a show – thank you, and if you haven’t yet – get your tickets before they sell out! Shows run Friday and Saturday evenings until April 2, 2022. Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 8 and is done before 11. Tickets are $20 and you can add an optional dinner by Paulina’s Catering, or you can add the dinner at the door, or check out the yummy concession menu! Of course, the tradition of bringing in your own food still stands.

Remember 2020? That was the 50th anniversary show – and 6 of the 12 shows ran before the pandemic reached Canada and everything stopped. Well, we’re back and STILL celebrating 50 years, receiving rave reviews for the show! If 2020 was the 50th annual, but we had to skip a year, does this make it the 51st annual, or the 52nd (but skipped one) annual, or do we have to start the numbering all over again at 1 because we missed a year? That’s too complicated, but these reviews from the first four 2022 shows are clear – the show is AWESOME!

What did you like best about this year’s show?

  • Everything, you guys did a great job! 😊
  • Rocky Top
  • Very funny! We give the actors a lot of credit for their time and effort! Well done!
  • Appreciate the volunteers and their commitment to the community. Great show!
  • Cheech & Chong, Canadian Humour, The Weather Report, Cannabis Man.
  • We had so much fun tonight. Love the performers & the jokes that push the limits.
  • I loved it!
  • It was hilarious. The Cannabis Man was my favorite skit.
  • LMAO!
  • LMAO
  • The whole show was awesome, I laughed so hard and I needed that. Thank you very much.
  • I have never attended a show like this before & I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did.
  • I would like to volunteer for next year’s show and so some acting and singing.
  • The political jokes and references to the neighbourhood.
  • Loved there wasn’t any judgement for those who cross dressed.
  • Will – stand up before Doctor skit. Yee Haw jokes, candy man satire.
  • The amazing puns!
  • It was fun, loved all.
  • Very entertaining.
  • Very entertaining. Finally nice to laugh – thank you.
  • We will definitely be back! Absolutely loved it! All of it was great!
  • Just loved it all.
  • Much cleaner comedy than other shows. Dr skit, weed skit, Mary and Olga, men’s dance funny.
  • Everything was wonderful.
  • Good show 😊
  • The band, songs – everything was fun!

The annual Variety Show is more than a show and a fundraiser, it is community-building at it’s finest. Get your tickets at, check out the show, interact with the volunteers and maybe even consider volunteering with us!