Pop-up Community Garden News

Exciting news! Our community was approved for a pop-up community garden. The City of Edmonton started this initiative a few years ago as a way to help communities grow fresh food and we have been fortunate to have been approved for gardens three years in a row.

Applications are now being accepted from those that do not have yard or patio space to grow food! If you have some seeds or seedlings to donate, would like to volunteer as a gardening mentor, or would like to offer to help tend the gardens please email volunteer.bhcl@gmail.com. Click HERE for the application for a garden bed.

The objectives of the 2022 Pop-Up Community Gardens pilot are as follows:

  • Increase access to freshly grown food for the community
  • Reduce barriers to increase local food growing spaces
  • Create opportunities to enhance the wellness of participants
  • Increase the number of people who can benefit from community gardens
  • Promote community involvement, recreation, and wellness

Here are the details:

Garden Specifications and Resources

  • Your garden will receive 12 temporary garden beds filled with garden soil mix.
  • The approved garden location is 10906 40 Street (near the Beverly Rink Building)
  • If the temporary garden beds have been placed on City maintained grass, please be aware that the area within 3m of the beds will not be mowed by the City.
  • Your garden will be receiving temporary signage indicating information about the Pop-up Community Garden program and an opportunity to state your garden leader’s contact information. In the event that your garden requires extra signage, please contact us at communitygardens@edmonton.ca

Requirements and Guidelines

  • The garden is intended to grow edible plants.
  • Gardeners must provide all plants, seeds, disinfecting products, personal gardening protective equipment, watering cans and tools. Seed donations may be available.
  • The use of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides within the gardens is strictly prohibited.
  • Gardeners are responsible to plant, weed, harvest, and remove stems/inedible growth from the beds at the end of the season. The Beverly Heights Community League will provide water with an on-site rain barrel.

End of Season

  • As part of your participation in the program, you are expected to submit a survey about your garden experience at the end of the season. Please complete this survey to provide feedback on your pop-up garden season with the City of Edmonton.
  • All temporary garden beds will be removed by the City at the end of season. The final date is TBD, with removal anticipated near the end of September. Communication to garden groups will be provided to ensure all plant material is harvested and removed prior to pickup.